Venetian (or Venetan) language

The Statute of Veneto Region cites the “Venetian people” and UNESCO gives to Venetian language the status of not endangered language, as it is usually spoken in Veneto, part of Friuli-Venezia Giulia, part of Croatia, Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina in Brazil; and Chipilo, Puebla in Mexico.

In 2007 Veneto recognized Venetian as official language of the region, alongside Italian, instituted an official website for standard Venetian and proclaimed a yearly “Day of the Venetian People” (Festa del Popolo Veneto) on 25 March, anniversary of the foundation of Venice.

While support for a federal system, as opposed to a centrally administered State, receives widespread consensus in Veneto, support for independence is less favoured. One poll estimated that 52.4% of Padanians north of the Po river consider secession advantageous (vantaggiosa), and 23.2% both advantageous and convenient (auspicabile). Another poll estimated that about 20% Padanians (18.3% in North-West Italy, 27.4% in North-East Italy) support secession in case Italy is not reformed into a federal State. However, according to a more recent poll (January 2010), 45% of Northeners and 52% of Venetians (including Friuli-Venezia Giulia and Trentino support the independence of Padania and, thus, in the case of Venetians of Veneto.

In the 2010 regional election, Liga Veneta was by far the largest party in the region with 35.2% of the vote, while its leader Luca Zaia was elected President of Veneto by a landslide 60.2%. The combined result of Venetist parties was 37.6%, the highest ever.

Soon after the 2010 regional election, Daniele Stival (Liga Veneta), new regional minister for Venetian Identity, appointed a commission of experts which will fix the rules of standard Venetian and the official Venetian names of all 581 municipalities of Veneto. The commissioners include: Rodolfo Delmonte, linguist; Gianfranco Cavallin, writer and linguist close to Raixe Venete; Sabino Acquaviva, sociologist and avowed Venetist; Michele Brunelli, linguist; Lodovico Pizzati, economist and secretary of Veneto State; Davide Guiotto, president of “Veneto Nostro – Raixe Venete”, on behalf of the Venetist movement.

Source: Wikipedia

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