Venetian language in the world

Where is the Venet(i)an language spoken?

Take into account that in English the word “venetian” refers both to the whole Veneto and to the variety spoken in Venice. On the contrary, usually we normal distinguish vèneto (=”venetan” or general venetian) from venesian (=venetian proper or “venician”).

First of all, Venetan is spoken in Veneto (north-east of Italy). Here people speak different variants of this language: Venetian, Veronese, Belunese, Trevigiano and Padovano-Vicentino-Rovigotto.
In big towns, people use a sort of mix based on italian language externally “venetized”, i.e it is not venet(i)an language but venetian dialect of italian language.

Then, Venetan is spoken in the dalmatian Coast, Croatia, where people use a Triestino-Venetian variant brought there by the Serenìsima Repùblica of Venice.

In Rio Grando do Sul, Santa Catarina e Paranà (states of Brasil), about five million people speak a koinè based on ancient Vicentino-Trevigiano variant moderated by other north-italic languages (in the last century immigrants came even from Trentino, Friuli, Lombardia) and influenced by Portuguese. This Venetan koinè is the said to be newest romance language and its speakers call it “Taliàn” , i.e. Italian in opposition to Brasilian, i.e. Portuguese, that is the main language. Indeed, Talian is not Italian!

In the town of Chipilo, Mexico, people speak a Trevigiano-Belunese variant as most of the immigrants came from the town of Segusino, in the northern part of the province of Treviso. It’s influenced by Spanish.


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